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What makes a pentest successful?

A successful penetration test is more than finding vulnerabilities, it proactively strengthens cybersecurity. A good pentest mimics real-world attacks, revealing weaknesses. Ethical hackers strategically identify entry points, exploit vulnerabilities and offer insights for mitigation. This provides a thorough understanding of a system's security, empowering organizations to enhance defenses against cyber threats.

What services do we offer?

We provide comprehensive cybersecurity services including web penetration testing, active directory audits, infrastructure audits and incident response support. Our expert team conducts simulated attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in web applications, evaluates the security of active directories and infrastructure and offers swift incident response support to fortify your overall cybersecurity posture.


Website security audit.

Our team dives deep into your web apps, using advanced methods to pinpoint vulnerabilities. Get detailed insights and strategic solutions to fortify your online assets.

Active directory health check.

Our dedicated team of Active Directory experts conducts a thorough assessment to ensure the security of your network's backbone, identifying potential vulnerabilities within your Active Directory infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure audit.

From network devices to servers, we identify vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity of your entire system. Our goal is to fortify your infrastructure against potential threats.

Incident response support.

In the event of a security incident, time is of the essence. We provide a rapid and effective response framework, minimizing the impact of security breaches and helping you get back on track quickly.

Testing modes.

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What are testing modes?

Pentesting operates in three main distinct modes: Black Box, where testers approach the system as external attackers with no prior knowledge. Grey Box, combining external and partial internal knowledge for a balanced assessment and White Box where testers have full access to the system's internal workings enabling an in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities. These modes offer varying perspectives, allowing organizations to tailor their approach based on specific security goals and requirements.

Test modes

Black box +

• Most realistic • Hacker perspective • No intelligence provided • Minimal permissions required

Gray box ++

• Most common • Fast reconnaissance • All permissions granted • Partial documentation provided

White box +++

• Most complete • High quality assurance • Full source code review • Full documentation provided


From beginning to end.

What is our approach?

Penetration testing employs a systematic methodology involving reconnaissance, vulnerability identification and simulated cyber-attacks. Testers use automated tools and manual techniques to exploit weaknesses, assessing the system's resilience and identifying potential security gaps. The process concludes with detailed reports outlining discovered vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation, providing a proactive approach to cybersecurity by addressing risks before exploitation.

Why are we different?

We are a team of specialists with decades of complementary expertise. Unlike automated pentesters, we conduct manual and focused assessments, mirroring the precision of a real targeted attack on your organization. When you choose us, you're not just hiring one pentester, you're bringing on board a dedicated team of security professionals. At Blacksight, our mission is to ensure your business operates in a safe and secure environment. Let Blacksight guide you towards achieving this goal.



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AD health check.

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Active directory health check.

2-day assessment

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In-depth health check

Good practices analysis

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Cloud/Infra audit.


AWS / GCP / Azure audit.

5-day assessment

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In-depth pentesting

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Website audit.

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Web application audit.

10-day assessment

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Incidence response.

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Incident response support.

Custom duration

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Long-term solutions

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